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Facefinder dating - leo man dating scorpio woman

All VK profile pictures are public, so the only way to hide from this database is to delete your profile. They can either leave VK for less popular platforms, missing out on all of the updates, photos, and messages.

First, you take a photo of someone whom you want to identify.

Its army of bots collected them from millions of public websites and linked them to keywords on the page, your name included.

Since these bots take a little information from a lot of different places, no single website has reason to restrict these visits in the way that Facebook does siphoning.

Although mimicking Find Face on the scale of the entire Internet is probably still beyond the realm of technical feasibility for the moment, it may not be impossible for long.

Facial recognition technology is improving exponentially according to experts at NIST, and storage and processing power are always getting cheaper.

A startup with fewer ethical inhibitions may soon be able to write a web crawler, build a database, and unleash the Internet-wide facial recognition search that Google has thus far resisted.

And once this feature becomes the next social media must-have, will companies like Google continue to hold back?This means that every time someone submits a photo to Find Face, it matches against a database containing every member of the most popular social networking site in the Russian-speaking world—hundreds of millions of accounts.And when it finds a match, it can tie that person back to a VK profile, revealing their name and contact information.The power to identify total strangers on the street is the advertising pitch for a new wave of startups hoping to capitalize on rapidly advancing facial recognition technology. Find Face, an app launched by a Russian startup two months ago, lets its users identify strangers from pictures of their faces.It does so by matching the photos against profile pictures from VK—also known as VKontakte—a Russian social networking website similar to Facebook.Unfortunately, a vast sea of images on the Internet—perhaps even the majority of them—are not under anyone’s control. Look at the gallery of familiar faces staring back.

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