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All three women spoke to are pursuing Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) claims against the Park Service.

Had you heard anything about river guide culture, or any cautionary advice from former employees, before you started?Other items—like a top-to-bottom review of river culture—may not happen until later this year.Details on punishment for both remaining boatmen and supervisors were left vague, since Park Service policy requires that punishment be kept confidential.The boatmen mentioned in the report received small reprimands over the years for their actions, such as written warnings and brief suspensions.For example, in one incident in 2004, Supervisor 1 received a ten-day suspension for grabbing a woman’s crotch.By contrast, after two female workers—Employees 1 and 2 in the federal report—were accused of having “twerked” and drank from a penis-shaped straw during a river trip party in 2014, managers refused to renew their employment contracts.

According to the report, the investigation into their alleged behavior was not as thorough as it should have been, considering the severity of the punishment.As damning as the report is, some victims say its findings only scratch the surface of the demoralizing day-to-day reality for female river rangers in the Grand Canyon.According to three former employees who spoke to about their time on the river, the issues in the canyon don’t end with a few lewd boatmen.I was nervous about learning to row on the Colorado River, but the River District ranger who hired me assured me they had a method for training people and that it wouldn’t be an issue. ALLISON: My first river trip for the Park Service in Grand Canyon was in 2005.I started in Grand Canyon as an intern doing invasive plant removal and continued working for the park over the next several years.The Park Service responded to the report in February by promising discipline and sweeping changes.

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    In 1977, Québec amended its Human Rights Code to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.