Fender dating jaguar

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The Jaguar never enjoyed the popularity of its Stratocaster and Telecaster siblings.

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Owing some roots to the Jazzmaster, it was introduced in 1962 as Fender's feature-laden top-of-the-line model, designed to lure players from Gibson.These models were available in a number of Custom Colors, and, unlike the standard production '62 Jaguars, these did feature matching headstocks.In 2012, Fender replaced the entire AVRI line with the American Vintage (AV) Series.Fender Japan produced Jaguars for its own domestic market with numerous special editions including an accurate version of Kurt Cobain's modified model until its closure in 2015.The main difference between Japanese and American models is the electronics: American models use higher quality chrome rather than stainless steel parts and have brass shielding plates installed in the cavities (Japanese guitars made before 96/97 also have brass shielding). No standard US made AVRI Jaguars sport matching headstocks unlike their vintage counterparts, however, many Japanese models do, and also offer some custom colors not found on American models.The Thin Skin models used 100% nitrocellulose finishes, a departure from the production models, which used polyurethane undercoats/sealers.

These Thin Skin models also featured thinner color and clear coats.Although Fender has many signature Stratocasters and Telecasters designed in conjunction with famous players and the first signature Jazzmasters were introduced in 2007, Kurt Cobain's signature Jaguar was introduced in 2011 (20th anniversary of the release of Nirvana's Nevermind album).In the past, a Kurt Cobain replica Jaguar was made for the Japanese domestic market and the Fender Jag-Stang, intended as a Mustang/Jaguar hybrid, was built for Kurt Cobain with his design input.Fender's Custom Shop also produces various Jaguar models, many of which are reissues/relics.Some of the Custom Shop offerings feature modern appointments (such as radius, pickups, hardware, and finishes).Photographs for the campaign, done by Bob Perine, included photographs of bikini-clad girls on sandy beaches holding Jaguars—many of these featured Perine's daughter and her friends.