Flirt chat date rachel mcguigan

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Flirt chat date rachel mcguigan

Also, had Tom Cruise on board once many years ago, but I was working down the back at the time. I am not crew, but have flown as a pax alongside several celebrities in my time. Just sat on her mobile phone the whole time and didn't bat an eyelid to anyone. Robert Downey Junior - My first encounter with a celeb, after 35 minutes of feeling pretty pissed off with the other junior crew member, leaving me to do all the galley preps, etc, etc, whilst she chatted to her friends upstairs.So, didn't get to see much of the little man but the FC crew said that he was fabulous and very kind and sincere. (Only a couple of days after she had named the first VS 340-600 after herself.) Appeared unaffected by everyone staring at her - myself included. ;) Treat them like an honoured guest and most of them will respond by behaving like one. : D Asked me could I sit with him after that, so I got us both a can of coke and sat. We talked all through the night and across the Atlantic about the vagaries, the ups and down of an itinerant life. In he came - I have to admit I think he was a little stoned, but cool.

Not my name, but asked about my nephew who had just been born when we first met.Best - Anita Dobson (just after she left eastenders) - very down to earth and friendly. Friend of mine had JAMES BROWN, and his CATS on a LGW - VIE. At the end of the day, they're just like you and me!!!Worst - Adam Ant - "I don't travel in the back of a DC10 I want a free upgrade, don't you know who I am? :) :) :) Oh must mention Belinda Carlisle's husband, what a dish!She was lovely then so would love to have her on a flight. Sure he's made some great films but geez - screaming from his J seat to the galley "COFFEE" was really unnecessary!! He was just lovely and gorgeous and let me sit on his lap for a photo. Legs up to her armpits, no make up, just beautiful - but she gave no eye contact, a little alouf!!!Worst: Barry Humphries AKA Dame Edna Everage - miserable old ******. Also up there in the worst category - Kim Hughes - ex Aus cricket captain....grrrrr. Becomes extremely aggressive & when you cut him off from the booze pulls the whole "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!!!!! Was tempted to throw my knickers at him but managed to restrain myself. She just tapped away at her laptop for the whole flight (Syd-Mel) and said she had a lot of emails to catch up on. Brian Connolly - Gave him a disguise, raybans, gucci scarf to come and visit us down the back, but slept all the way, but a really lovely guy. Kate winslet - never upgrade this woman - moaned the whole flight about upgrading her friend, which was done, and promised to hand over a credit card at arrival at heathrow.Kylie Minogue and Michael Hutchence Quiet couple who were obviously in love.

Helen Worth (Gail Platt from "Coronation Street") Tiny but very bubbly and just like Gail!!Secondhand..but: Dear pal of mine sat next to Ian Paisley on the Belfast flight. Best one ever for me was tennis player Jimmy Connors. What it is like to feel at home in many different cities and how you can feel like a stranger in your own home when finally getting back. Chatted about everything, movie releases, places to go, and the meantime managed to sell him 2 grands worth of duty free, I think he had a lot of lady friends, as he bought so much ladies perfume!!!!Apparently he was charm personified, and made a great fuss of the cabin crew. Asked me very politely that seeing how he was the only passenger in Royal that night, could he possibly eat a whole tin of caviar by himself? How always being on the go can seem so very glamorous and feel so bl**dy lonely at times. Cool guy, ventured down the back to economy to see us, and managed to **** off the other junior, as he left just before she returned!!! Prince Edward - Well his photographs just don't do him justice, honest, he's actually quite handsome, believe it or not, very very polite.Ok Alanis Morrrisette - GVA - LGW : Very small - curled up on front saet said nothing - had nothing. You were so sweet, so gorgeous even though you had no make up on, and idiot in seats near you kept calling you Kylie!!!! Teller is the small one who never speaks, so you can understand my confusion/horror when I saw him at the gate nattering away into his hands-free mobile phone.Man Untd football team - LGW - MAN : after 5 - 1 defeat to West Ham if I remember rightly (minus David Beckham). You asked if we had had a herd day and after telling me you had the weekend off why didn't I ask you out!!!! If this guy ever gets on your flight avoid him at all costs!!! Food, crew, pilots(hate's women pilots and will not fly wiht them), airline, and insisted on kissing the person with him who incidently was not his wife!!! I have been a visitor to Prune for ages and just signed up tonight." Actually thinking about it my most favourite was Princess Diana - we had no pre warning that she was travelling and for a few seconds I didn't even recognise her and thought she was off duty cabin crew!!! Made up for her disappearing into the toilet every five mintues, and her abnoxious child, who had ten hands, when the afternoon tea service came out!!!

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