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Fucile, Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection Report, Professionals, Announcements, Disciplinary Notices, CLE Calendar Classifieds Bar News July 2010, Legislation Lineup for Lawyers, Bills of interest to attorneys considered by the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, Senator Adam Kline and Representative Jamie Pedersen, On Language, Words Misspoken, Words Misheard, mispronunication, Robert C.Cumbow, Should Bank Tellers Engage in Estate Planning, Like It or Not That's What They Do, Theresa Schrempp, Return of the Diploma Privilege, Taking a look at the former way of gaining admittance to the Bar, W.

Buoyed by victories in World Wars I and II and the end of the Cold War in 1991, the US remains the world's most powerful nation state.

International Bar Association Annual Conference 2016 by IBA ... View archived issues of Bar News and article indices by year. Executive's Report — Journey to Vietnam, by Paula C.

Information about the Access to Justice Board's Justice Without Barriers Committee and its work and publications. Bar Associations' Judicial Evaluations Several minority bar associations in Washington conduct judicial evaluations.

Fucile, Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection, Briefly About Me, Michelle Hull, FYI, Summer 2010 Bar Exam Pass List, Disciplinary Notices, Announcements, Professionals, CLE Calendar, Classifieds Bar News October 2010, Meet New WSBA President Steven G.

Toole, WSBA Welcomes New President-elect and Class of 2013 Governors, Stephanie Perry, Diversity Matters in Washington State, The Current Facts and Future Needs for the Legal Profession, Sarah E.

Malden, The Board's Work, Briefly About Me, Justice Susan Owens, Professionals, Announcements, Disciplinary Notices, CLE Calendar Classifieds Bar News May 2010, Is Justice Blind, The WSBA Committee for Diversity Outreach Essay Contest, The Jurisdictional Puzzle of Multi-State Paternity and Child-Support Establishment Cases, Kim Schnuelle, The Perils of Co-Counsel Relationships, Brian J.

Waid, Ethical Wills, A Non-Material Gift for the Next Generation, Elana Zaiman, John Marshall and Me, A Seattle Lawyer's Literary Odyssey, Michael Schein, WSBA Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ending September 30th 2009, President's Corner, Dear Carly, Salavator A.Crossland, The Bar Beat, A Life Worthwhile, by Michael Heatherly, Departments, Reading Around, by Michael Heatherly, Diversity and the Law, Washington Women Lawyers: Enhancing Diversity and Opportunity in the Law, by Kristen J. President's Corner — Tragedy in Arizona: Who’s Accountable? Toole The Bar Beat — Cheaters–Lawyer Edition by Michael Heatherly ... Hancock The Unbar: Attorneys Come Together to Take On Alcoholism, by Dan Crystal The Unbar: Attorneys Come Together to... Uniform Bar Exam View the bar exam pass list and an explanation of admission requirments and forms. The Washington State Bar Association Diversity & Inclusion Plan was adopted by the Board in 2013.Larson, Briefly About Me, Peter John Santos, Listings, Apply for Service on a WSBA Committee, Board, or Panel, The Board's Work, FYI, Announcements, Professionals, Disciplinary Notices, CLE Calendar, Classifieds, Index to 2011 Bar News, Volume 65 ... Crossland The Bar Beat — A Fair Summer Evening, by Michael Heatherly Departments Raising the Bar: The Promise... Executive's Report — Actions May Speak Louder than Words The Bar Beat — A Good Deal Departments Ethics and the Law —... Read It in De Novo — Wipe Those Working Blues Away with Weekend Getaways, by Mark H. Bar News, January 2008 Issue, Bar News January 2010, Vulnerable Adult Abuse, What You Need to Know, Catherine Hoover, Aileen Miller, Page Ulrey, Members Honored for Five Decades of Service in the Law, Letters to the Editor, Around the State, In Memoriam, Diversity and the Law, Fair and Diverse Judicial Representation, Why Justice Sotomayor's Appointment Matters to the LBAW and Washington's Legal Community, Nicole Mcgrath, The Board's Work, Washington State Bar Foundation Thanks Donors, President's Corner, So You Say You Want A Revolution, Salvador A.Clinton Sterling, Read it in De Novo, Lessons From the Press Box, What Sports Reporting Taught Me About Legal Writing, Allison Peryea, President's Corner, Dangerous Words, Salvador A.Mungia, The Bar Beat, Purr-severance, Michael Heatherly, Letters to the Editor, Blast from the Past, From the 1936 Law Review, Admitting Neophytes, Reading Around, Circle of Greed, The Spectacular Rise and Fall of America's Most Feared and Loathed Lawyer, Nigel S.Bar News January 2012, Features, Mediate Causation and the Pinkerton Doctrine Applied to RICO Conspiracy Litigation, by Dean Browning Webb, On Law and Life in Cuba: The Cuban Legal Profession and Culture Offer Contrasts and Surprises, by Hugh Spitzer and Doug Ende, Time Traveling to Cuba: Four Steps to Living the Havana Life, by Patrick A. Littlewood The Bar Beat — A Little Direction in Our Lives, by Michael Heatherly ... Littlewood The Bar Beat — Bass Instincts, by Michael Heatherly ... Current Issue July 2012 Features Voices of the Bar, By Jeff Tolman Part 2: Construction Contract Draconian Notice Provisions -... October 17, the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) announced that 585 candidates passed the bar exam administered in July 2011. ..the 575 candidates who passed the bar exam administered in July 2012! An overview of the Washington State Bar Foundation ...anything that comes to mind – please share it! A WSBA Yearbook This is an ever-growing gallery -- are you or a family member part of the WSBA? Send all recent or historical photographs to [email protected] we'll add them to...