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There are some scenarios when one would want to mute their Skype calls.An urgent phone call, an emergency task, or a person talking in the background could be some of the reasons why.

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On Xbox One, we have a more sophisticated system of enforcement.I've been using it to keep track of old friends: we all went off to college a fortnight ago. ” Before she could reply, there came the sudden shrieking of an alarm. She had to shout directly into the microphone: “I said: that's the fire-alarm! It couldn't hear me: the headphones were still plugged-into Annie's laptop. It was peering intently into the camera; eyes glittering behind empty sockets. It wandered across to her wardrobe, opened the door and climbed inside, stooping to fit. ” “Yeah, I need to talk t-” I paused, mid-sentence. Last week I was talking to Annie, a girl I used to go to school with. I mean, it's only been a day, but we were thinking about calling her parents, just to check up on her.” I shrugged. Annie said something which was drowned-out by the noise, and I covered my ears, wincing. I'd better go outside, or the warden will have a fit and make us do the whole thing again.” “What time shall I call back? Instead, it simply stood there, taking in the room. It hesitated as it did so, and turned to look directly at the webcam. I had to call the police, there was no question of that, but even as I dialed the first '9', I realized the futility of the gesture. I had paused, because the door had opened and Annie hurried inside. Cursing the fact that I'd left my laptop on and massaging my temples, I stumbled out of bed. Annie was, of course, dressed, made-up and grinning, sporting her new headphones. She left a letter on her desk, saying that she was going home.” “Which one's Erin, again? You know how it is: your friends talk about so many people that they just blur together after a while. I'll just leave Skype on.” With that, she was gone, pulling the headphones off and placing them on the keyboard. For a few seconds, I just sat there, numbly wondering if this was Annie playing a creepy joke on me. She gave a cheery wave, to which I responded with a half-smile. My dance moves put the whole club to shame.” “Big-Fish-Little-Fish doesn't impress anyone. "Skype still does not respond after five hours since the 'incident,'" the user noted, adding that they "typed a few words of profanity talking about movies," and that the error message cited the ban was due to 'past behaviour.'" I've reached out to Microsoft to figure out what's going on here and this was the company's official reply: "To be clear, the Xbox Live Policy & Enforcement team does not monitor direct peer-to-peer communications like Skype chats and calls.

We take Code of Conduct moderation via Upload Studio very seriously.Meanwhile, on Reddit, user Macedonian Wolf reported a similar problem."I made a video and said a bad word (not really a swear in my opinion, but I do understand their displeasure - the nickname of the name Richard) and now I am not able to put Kinect videos on my uploads or upload gameplay at all," the banned user explained.A slew of Xbox One users have claimed that they've been banned from the Skype and Upload Studios apps on Xbox One supposedly due to nothing more than using foul language in their chats and videos."I get the message 'Choose something else to play' simply because I assume MS was not happy about a video I uploaded.This is why Skype provides you the feature to mute the call for better communication.