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They’re a bit better at a smaller size, where they reinforce the local trends in the graph, but I still don’t think they’re a net positive Then today (again via Harkanwal) Yes, ok, I get that it’s a joke. NZ has the version you want if you’re after information.But pumpkins prices rise at this time of year in New Zealand because it’s Spring. And most of our pumpkins aren’t even orange (which is why has a story on alternative things to carve). And the decoration distracts from the potentially-important observation that prices didn’t really drop last winter. A rugby team that has won a lot of games this year is likely to do fairly well next year: they’re probably a good team.

Seeing a headline like might cause an unwary person to think that eating purple kumara would reduce their risk of colon cancer by seventy-five per cent.And the vertical axis doesn’t say what the units are (average retail price per kilogram, it turns out). Someone who has won a lot of money betting on rugby this year is much less likely to keep doing well: there was probably luck involved.Someone who won a lot of money on Lotto this year is almost certain to do worse next year: we can be pretty sure the wins were just luck. Morningstar publishes ratings of mutual funds, with one to five stars based on past performance.From the Met Service rain radar If the band of rain were moving north-east, small uncertainties in its motion and orientation would mean that you’d know there would be half an hour of rain in Auckland, but not exactly when.If it were moving south-east (as it is), small uncertainties in the motion and orientation mean that you know it will rain for a long time , but not exactly where.You, of course, would be suspicious and would want to read the story. It’s true that the mutation is one that occurs in people, too.

About one in ten thousand people is born with the mutation that the mice had — these people have the mutation in every cell in their bodies, and they all get colon cancer if they don’t have major surgery.

And since net performance is made up of (1) stock picking minus (2) fees, you’d expect funds with low fees to have, on average, persistent slightly-better-than-average performance.

The expense ratio and the star rating helped investors make better decisions.

The prediction is my estimated expected points difference with a positive margin being a win to the home team, and a negative margin a win to the away team. The prediction is my estimated expected points difference with a positive margin being a win to the home team, and a negative margin a win to the away team.

Three weeks ago there was a story in the Herald headlined Research reveals that divorce does run in the family (via Antonio Rinaldi on Twitter).

For SW movement you’d get a much wider range of curves, where some showed no rain and others showed half a day or all day.

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