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Discord embeds most types of media directly in the chat. It takes just 10 seconds and doesn’t require any drivers or weird setting configuration.GIFs only play when you mouse over them, so your CPU is spared. Discord can even run in the browser which is great for PUGs you invite to your voice channel or those stubborn friends of yours.

You won't find it needing a gang or friends to bolster its ego.

You can manage available plugins by accessing the "Tools" menu from the Buddy List window and selecting "Plugins." If you have a problem with one of the plugins included with the software, you should report it via a ticket.

Generally our stock plugins will have the same version number as Pidgin or Finch and the web site address for the plugin will be listed as Third party plugins are not supported.

Do not open tickets on our trac about these plugins.

If you do, those tickets will be closed as invalid.

We will edit descriptions or de-list plugins that include such terminology or have overly long descriptions. URLs are shortened as they come in if they exceed maximum length setting.

There are third-party plugins for some protocols: Set any active accounts to Away (with a user-defined message if applicable) when the workstation locks, and back to Available when it is unlocked. You can download the Windows or OSX app for maximum performance.Robust permissions and multiple channels, all within an easy-to-use UI, make Discord perfect for both small groups or large guilds.If you are listing a plugin on this page, note that we de-list the plugin if source code is not provided.Because Pidgin and libpurple are licensed under the GPLv2, the way plugins are loaded within Pidgin and libpurple require that the plugins be licensed in a GPL-compatible manner, which generally includes providing source code.Some plugins are distributed as part of collections.