Friends in the airforce airforce dating

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Friends in the airforce airforce dating

He was also an accurate weather-vane on the quality of my work, whose judgment I quickly learned to trust and respect.Last but not least, when and I went to Arizona, to the Hopi Nation, it was Ed who came with us and who opened the way.

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My warmest appreciation also to those co-researchers and colleagues who have become my friends during the course of this investigation: Robert Bauval in Britain (with whom I shall be co-authoring two future books on related subjects), Colin Wilson, John Anthony West and Lew Jenkins in the United States, Rand and Rose Flem-Ath and Paul William Roberts in Canada.

Fingerprints of the Gods could not have been written without the generous, warm-hearted and sustaining love of my partner Santha Faiia who always gives more than she takes and who enriches the lives of everyone around her with creativity, kindness and imagination. I am also grateful for the support and encouragement of our six children Gabrielle, Leila, Luke, Ravi, Sean and Shantieach one of whom I feel privileged to know.

My parents, Donald and Muriel Hancock, have been incredibly helpful, active and involved through this and many other difficult times and projects.

Together with my uncle James Macaulay they have also patiently read the drafts of the evolving manuscript, offering a wealth of positive suggestions.

Thanks, too, to my oldest and closest friend, Peter Marshall, with whom I have weathered many storms, and to Rob Gardner, Joseph and Sherry Jahoda, Roel Oostra, Joseph and Laura Schor, Niven Sinclair, Colin Skinner and Clem Vallance, all of whom gave me good advice.

Like a guardian angel he volunteered to devote a hefty chunk of his spare time to helping me out in the US with research, contacts and the collection of documentary resources of relevance to Fingerprints of the Gods.

He did a brilliant job, always sending me the right books just when I needed them and finding references that I didnt even know existed.

The claim that the lower part of the map portrays the Princess Martha Coast of Queen Maud Land Antarctica, and the Palmer Peninsula, is reasonable.

We find this is the most logical and in all probability the correct interpretation of the map.

The best recent evidence suggests that Queen Maud Land, and the neighbouring regions shown on the map, passed through a long ice-free period which may not have come completely to an end until about six thousand years ago.

This evidence, which we shall touch upon again in the next chapter, liberates us from the burdensome task of explaining who (or what) had the technology to undertake an accurate geographical survey of Antarctica in, say, two million BC, long before our own species came into existence.

By the same token, since map-making is a complex and civilized activity, it compels us to explain how such a task could have been accomplished even six thousand years ago, well before the development of the first true civilizations recognized by historians.

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