Gender roles in online dating

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Gender roles in online dating - is robert plant and alison krauss dating

Shareholders have also begun to pressure companies to reveal – and close – gender pay gaps.

“The way men and women are segregated into different job functions is the biggest driver of the gender wage gap,” said Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist at Glassdoor.Lisa Pan: I think along with more and more female executives becoming suc­cessful, this topic [has] become quite at­tractive.[The] public is [willing] to accept successful businesswomen [more] than before.For example, 10 years ago, if a lady [was] still single [at] around 30, peo­ple would judge her in some unfair way.But now, if a businesswoman [is] single when she [in her] 30s, people would ac­cept and appreciate that.The job search site uses self-reported data from the thousands of job seekers, then looks at job title, experience, education and other factors to understand how men and women with similar backgrounds are paid.

When adjusted for these factors, men in the UK still earn 5.5 per cent more than women, compared with a 5.4 per cent gap the US, he said.The companies released the numbers ahead of a new law that requires companies to calculate the difference between the average and median hourly pay rates for all male and female employees, with and without bonus.All companies will be required to publish the results of their pay-gap analysis on their websites by April 2018, a measure that supporters say will help close the gulf in compensation.And among those who got bonuses, men’s awards were on average 32 per cent bigger.The company says its pay gap reflects that it has fewer women in operational roles – the result of a gender gap in science and technology education.At asset manager Schroders, the pay gap was 31 per cent.