Grand theft auto iv dating tips

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Grand theft auto iv dating tips

Phone numbers: -------------- The following locations and people can be called from your cellphone. Bean Machine Coffee : 555-0110 Emergency Services : 911 Express Car Service : 555-2222 Express Car Service : 555-3333 Fire Proof Doors : 555-5700 Hero Shop : 555-8575 LCPD Recruitment : 555-RECRUIT Liberty Construction : 555-1274-73 No Problemo Bail Bonds : 555-945-733-92 Storage : 555-221-3877 Superb Deli : 555-4674 The Serrated Edge : 1-800-555-5555 Used Auto Parts : 555-7300 Vinewood Laundromat : 555-5123 Zi T : 948-555-0100 -People: ........ Regaining health: ----------------- Use the following trick to regain health during a mission.

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The will stop and look around for the emergency, allowing you to easily steal their vehicle.

Police database II: ------------------- Go to the Liberty Tree website's main page. There are a few interesting things, like the Threat Level, but aside from that it appears bare.

However when you go to the bottom and look at the copyright information, the word "Database" is a small hidden link to a large profile list of criminals.

-Patriot 500 -I'm Rich -The History Of The Civil War And Beyond -CNT commercial -LCPD Recruitment - Join LCPD -Fear The Dark Finger movie commercial Claude outfit: -------------- Kill Playboy X and get his penthouse. When you reload your saved game, flip through your outfits and you should have Claude's outfit (the main character in Grand Theft Auto 3).

Everything from the leather jacket, the green cargos, and the black shoes with the white stripe on the bottom should be there.

Police database: ---------------- Use a computer at a [email protected] Internet Cafe to go to the Liberty City Police Department site at "

Click the "Database" tab at the bottom of the home page to get information on all characters, including Roman and Niko.1, Health And Weapons - GTA-555-0100 2, Weapons - GUN-555-0150 3, Advanced Weapons - GUN-555-0100 4, Health - DOC-555-0100 5, Wanted Level Down - COP-555-0100 6, Wanted Level Up - COP-555-0150 7, Climate Change - HOT-555-0100 8, Spawn Cognoscenti (Mafia Car) - CAR-555-0142 9, Spawn Sanchez (Dirt Bike) - MBK-555-0150 10, Spawn FBI Buffalo - CAR-555-0100 11, Spawn Turismo - CAR-555-0147 12, Spawn NRG900 - MBK-555-0100 13, Spawn Comet - CAR-555-0175 14, Spawn Super GT - CAR-555-0168 15, Spawn Police Chopper - FLY-555-0100 16, Spawn Jetmax (Boat) - WET-555-0100 Cheats: ------- Submitted by: Nithin health and weapons - 4825550100 health and armour - 3625550100 weapons (adv) - 4865550100 Weapons tier 1 - 4865550150 Weapons tier 2 - 4865550100 Remove Niko's wanted level - 2675550100 Change weather and brightness - 4685550100 Cheat Codes: ------------ Submitted by: AYUSH While playing the game, enter the following cheats: Code Result ------------------------------- LEAVEMEALONE - the cops leave you BIG BANG - vehicles in the surroundings blast NOBODYLIKESME - everyone tries to kill you FANNY MAGNET - girls come attracted towards you Dating: ------- You can date people from the in-game Internet. You then have to wait a few in-game days for a negative or positive reply via email.If your date accepts, reply to their email and meet them.The Algonquin safehouse has a laptop in it, and is somewhat far away from some of the Internet cafes.If you killed Playboy in the "The Holland Play" mission and Dwayne gave you his apartment as a safehouse, go to it.When you walk in the front door there is a guard behind the desk.

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