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It’s not hard for stag groups to make Goa plans, the hardest part is to actually execute the entire plan. And it is always incredibly fascinating to think of having a woman by your side while you are just lazing around on the beach with a Kingfisher in one hand watching the sun drown into the infinite sea in front.

Finding a guy for a hook-up was quite risky because of the stigma attached to homosexuality so paying a man for his services was a fairly good possibility for him.

So many people lock themselves within the four sides of a metaphoric cupboard.

But everything that is kept hidden attains a dark underbelly.

When we asked one of the male escorts about his risky life, he said Mujhe nahi yeh logic kabhi samajh nahi aaya.

Homosexuality ko bura kehte hai, illegal bolte hain par humare paas itne customers bhi toh aate hain. Agar demand nahi hota toh hum bhi paise ke liye kuch aur kaam nahi karte?

But somehow the demand for gay sex-workers remains.

And these people, who are a combination of both, exist in a space where it's very easy to tag them as criminals.

Mr Choudhary’s seat faces the GPS-enabled small screen of the Mobile Data Terminal that blinks every time a prospective customer in a nearby neighbourhoods calls a cab. The new cab services, professional and impersonal, offer a measure of anonymity. A handsome young man with long hair and rippling arm muscles is standing at the auto rickshaw stand, his eyes are darting around. While mumbling into her cell phone, she is continuously staring at me, with a sense of urgency.

There could be many drivers in the same vicinity; the ‘bid’ that has to be accepted within 30 seconds goes to the driver who presses the button first. A middle-aged woman in a salwar kameez steps out from a chauffer-driven red Accord. Back in the car, Mr Choudhury says, “At this hour you’ll find many girls here looking for men to make some pocket money.

Before I jot down how & where my kin may get lucky in the land of the beaches, here are the links of my previous two articles:1.

'I just go to the back alley after the tuition and get a blowjob from one of the men there.

Now, the first three parts of the plan run rather smoothly; it is actually the fourth part that is tricky. Having scraped past an engineering degree, and having gone to Goa for the first time with my engineer friends only, I understand how hard it is for most to even dream of a female company whilst as a greenhorn in a technological institution.