How accurate is conception dating

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How accurate is conception dating - australian brides dating

Don't be shocked if you baby comes sooner to what you think the due date is then what the Dr tells you. I would say that there's no way you conceived in early July if your due date is mid-May.K., I have a 9 month old daughter, and her original due date was May 15th. If you had conceived in July, your due date would be in early April- which would mean they were off by over a month! I believe all fetuses hit the same development milestones the first 12 weeks or so.

It is similar to estimating the babies weight through ultrasound, they can be wrong by more than a pound. I'm 30-31 weeks pregnant with twins and we did IUI and it was done sometime in early August (Not sure of the actual date), but I can tell you that if you're 30 weeks now...He was two weeks early on 8-24 (induced due to pre-eclampsia).So if you think you conceived around 7-8, count forward 40 weeks and count on your new arrival around that time.They said I conceived August 21st, so does that mean there is no way that I conceived around July 8?If you conceived 6 weeks earlier than all the sonos have said..there is something wrong with the baby. Ok so I would be the one that has not been the norm.(this is based on the average 28 day cycle) They assume you had sex around that time and conceived. Therefore your baby is actually 2 weeks "younger" than they say. Sono's are known for being wrong about many things.

Which makes pregnancy really 38 weeks instead of 40. That's how I knew I didn't conceive when they said I did. It's confusing, but once you get it it all makes sense! But if you had a sono at 5 weeks that would be your most accurate. If your truly concerned that you concieved that much earlier than consult your midwife or doc.Always listen to your gut and follow your instincts.I am sure they accurate because during sonogram, they measure the fetus and are able to determine by that how many weeks and days it is. I'm an IVF'er so never had to guess on the conception dates...So, try getting an ultrasound ASAP, and that, along with your last period, should help out alot! you'd be closer to full-term if you conceived July 8.We found out we were pregnant toward the end of August (around the 20th) and it was 2 weeks after the IUI was done.I had asked my OB when my conception date was, because I was curious, and it was between August 21st and August 23rd. Unless you're baby is measuring REALLY big- I'd say that they're probably pretty close.... After that, they grown at their own individualized rates.

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