How many people use online dating

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How many people use online dating - greece dating sites

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The survey doesn’t say, but it provides some clues.The technology also gained some users among 45-to-54-year-olds.The survey also found that acceptance—or, at least, awareness—of online dating was growing.It’s up the most in the 18-24 age bracket, where it almost tripled (! In addition, 22 percent of this age group said they use mobile dating apps vs. —this makes sense, though I’m surprised the percentages aren’t even higher.After all, we all know people IRL who spend countless hours swiping right or left on said fill-in-the-blank dating app.In 2013, three percent had used a smartphone dating app. The study polled 2,001 adults in the United States, mostly during June of last year.

The survey included men and women, of many races and educational backgrounds, from all 50 states.As it happens, the only group which has taken to online dating at a rate like very young adults have been older adults.Middle-aged Americans, 55 to 64, are now twice as likely to try looking for someone online since 2013.Conducted early last summer, the poll found that use of the services has grown modestly since 2013.Fifteen percent of Americans have now used a website or app to look for a romantic partner; three years ago, only nine percent had.Only 11 percent of adults were online and app dating in 2013, which proves once again that people are more mobile than ever nowadays (pun intended). Furthermore, 62 percent feel they can find a better match for themselves via online dating vs. And 61 percent of users say it’s more efficient and easier than other methods vs. I agree with all these sentiments and, TBH, I think more non-believers need to try it. (I know—don’t think about this too much, though I have to help my mom manage her responses, which is a whole other story, reading what guys wrote to her and helping her compose responses. The Pew study found that 12 percent of Americans 55-64 use sites or apps vs. So, our parents are getting hooked up to cell phones, laptops, and i Pads more, and also getting more into online dating apps and sites.

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