I want a sex slave chat

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I want a sex slave chat - Chatzy sexy

"I can't tell you who I am, but you're tied up because you are a sexy little fucker and I know you like sex." The man replied.

When we discuss the experience, it is precisely what you wish for and something that only a good free VR porn site can give you.

He untied my hands and he began twirling his tongue around my nipples. I moved up and down several times pushing his cock to my throat, just to pleasure him. The man began to pant more and more and would thrust harder and harder. I loved hearing him scream when I twirled my tongue on it.

Then I rubbed his thighs and I found this spot right between his cock and his legs that is a huge turn-on for him. Then, it hit the back of my throat and I heard him moan even louder. I could feel the tip of is cock touching my tight hole. He shoves me on my back and then lifts my legs and pushes them so far forward, I can feel my toes touch the wall. Then he pulls completely out and pushes his cock back in hard. He continues his rough thrusting as before and he and I both begin panting and moaning. He accidentally pulled too far out and I could feel the pre-cum drip on my ass. I began to suck his dick again and his head was so sensitive.

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