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He’s the only person I was ever able to fall back in love with several times. I’d think I’d have him out of my system and then we’d start talking again and it was just on again.” Their relationship took a serious turn when Kiki was sentenced to federal prison in 2008 for being on the family payroll of her father’s company, charged with making fraudulent city contracts, loans and donations to a Muslim school. Kiki, who maintains her and her family’s innocence, found out a week before entering prison she was pregnant with Tyson’s child.

He was married at least twice, fathered a son and daughter, and had several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The biggest event to happen to the drive-in industry, switching to digital, is advertised on dated websites with glittery backdrops that remind you of an early America Online profile. In its simplicity, affordable tickets bring communities together on sticky summer nights and that’s a rarity today.

Whether you go to the Starlite, Sky Vue Twin, or the pun-tastic Field of Scenes, the drive-in will give you a few hours of uncomplicated, buffering-free entertainment, so why not?

However, many of these beloved outdoor screens are in constant peril of closing, reopening, and closing again.

This summer, many theaters will be showcasing a live stream Jimmy Buffet concert, which in 2014 doesn’t seem to fit, but does the drive-in belong in the age of i Pads and 3-D printing? Because the drive-in’s quaint nature is no more than it advertises.

and Anna Jones on a world lecture tour from 1908 to 1910.

Throughout his travels, Jones encountered many important figures in history who shaped his outlook on life.So they maintained separated residences but frequently visited each other.“I wasn’t really thinking about taking care of no woman or having a commitment, even though it’s what I really wanted to do despite my past discrepancies,” Tyson said.Kiki, born Lakiha Spicer, formally met Tyson when she was 18. By the time she was 23, they were dating casually while she was in New York, this after he had served a three-year prison term for rape. “At that particular time I was an idiot and I believed that it was normal protocol that everyone should want to be with me,” Tyson said. I didn’t know people could really care about you because you’re really not that bad of a schmuck.” They were on-again, off-again more than a kitchen light.Her father Shamsud-din Ali was an influential Muslim cleric in Philadelphia who knew promoter Don King and frequently took his daughter to boxing events. They crossed paths at night clubs, where Tyson would enter with other women only to leave with Kiki.She panicked when internet reports said he had overdosed. After hitting rock bottom, Tyson decided to make a change and commit to the woman who hadn’t left him despite his madness.

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