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Indydating com

Samsung improved the fingerprint scanner embedded into the Home button so that all you have to do is hold your thumb over it to unlock instead of swiping.It really works far more quickly and reliably than the old one.

Samsung equipped its flagship with a bottom-facing mono-speaker that’s capable enough for talk radio, podcasts, and watching videos, though it starts to strain when it pumps out music at full blast.The high resolution display isn’t that bad of a battery sucker, either.I’ve always liked Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays, despite the intense contrast and saturation. The pared-down Touch Wiz interface helps improve responsiveness, and there’s no longer that brief second of lag you used to get when you drag down the Notifications shade.It’s the best I’ve seen on any Android smartphone thus far.I sincerely hope that the company keeps this up for its future phones.It certainly sounds better than last year’s Galaxy S5, but I’m hoping Samsung can figure out a way to pack in stereo speakers that rival the HTC One’s in its next device. The Galaxy S6 comes with neat audio tuning software that can calibrate even the cheapest pair of headphones to sound bass-y.

Finally—here’s an Android phone with a camera that’ll make you put away the point-and-shoot you’ve been carting around on family vacations.If you make a lot of phone calls, the Galaxy S6 is comfortable to hold for extended periods of time, though it does get a bit warm the longer you leave the screen on.Keep in mind that it’s easier to hold with your shoulder if you have a case on, otherwise it slips right out.Frankly, I think it’s smart for Samsung to pull its inspiration from the best selling smartphone in the U. Not everyone wants the locked-in Apple experience, so why not offer a phone that resembles the one their friend is always bragging about?Anyway, it’s only the white version of the Galaxy S6 that Samsung kept all its usual trimmings on the Galaxy S6: a Home button, two capacitive navigation buttons ("back" on the right, "recent apps" on the left), and a volume rocker on the upper left edge with a power button on the right edge.With its pristine metal and glass chassis, the Galaxy S6 is evidence that the company has finally figured out that premium phones should look and feel premium.

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