Intimidating a witness alabama

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Intimidating a witness alabama

Hannah made a copy of the disc to keep for her own protection and gave the original to Ms. Throughout the relationship, Paul Bentley was the primary spokesman for the Bentley family and had reportedly confronted his father earlier in 2014 about Mason, but the Governor denied the whole matter.

Hannah testified that in October 2013, Mason and the Governor were at the Mansion working on a speech when she walked into the room.

If your job is to help your friend that is probably even more difficult.

Heather Hannah was the Chief of Staff for Alabama First Lady Dianne Bentley.

That tape is reportedly still in the possession of Paul Bentley and has not been shared with the investigation.

Paul Bentley has also not testified before the special counsel.

Zach Lee reported to Heather Hannah during the re-election campaign that Governor Bentley had begun to call Rebekah Mason “baby” in meetings and that Governor Bentley and Mason frequently went to lunch together by themselves. Bentley, at this point still desperate to save the marriage of 49 years, wanted to confront the Governor with undeniable proof of the affair in order to make him admit his failings. 59 seconds later Governor Bentley was on the phone with Rebekah Caldwell Mason. Bentley, expressing both his passionate love for Mason and describing in detail the pleasure he drew from fondling her breasts. Bentley successfully made the recordings, she enlisted Heather Hannah’s help to extract them from her phone.

Hannah did so by transferring the recordings to a laptop and burning them onto a disc. Bentley played the disc for her son Paul and his wife Melissa.

One area that the report did reveal new details was in the account of former First Lady Dianne Bentley’s former Chief of Staff Heather Hannah.

Most of our regular readers have long ago come to the conclusion that Governor Robert Bentley (R) threw away a marriage of 50 years to pursue an adulterous relationship with a married former staffer and later top political advisor, Rebekah Caldwell Mason.

Hannah said that they seemed to jump at her presence as if they were uncomfortable with someone seeing them.

This was her the moment that her suspicions were first aroused.

According to the report, Bentley’s campaign was initially run out of the Bentleys’ kitchen with Dianne Bentley baking cookies for the group of college students and volunteers who made up the entirety of the campaign staff.

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