Intimidating accronyms

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Intimidating accronyms

- d[X]: A die of [X] sides; for example, a 20 sided die is d20.

- Mnk: Monk - N, NN, or TN: Neutral, or True Neutral. - NE: Neutral Evil - NG: Neutral Good - Pal: Paladin - Pa O: Polymorph Any Object.

Each version has its proponents and detractors; arguments over the superiority of one version over the others is a hot button issue. - AC: Armor Class - AMF: Anti-Magic Field - Ao E: Area of Effect*; can refer to the area affected by a spell, or as a generic designator for spells (especially damaging spells) that affect an area rather than a single target (ie.

fireball's Ao E is a 20ft radius; fireball is an Ao E spell) - Ao O: Attack of Opportunity - atk: Attack - BAB: Base Attack Bonus - BBEG: Big Bad Evil Guy. - CN: Chaotic Neutral - Con: Constitution - cp: Copper pieces (Saying Just my 2cp is analogous to saying Just my two cents.) - CR: Challenge Rating - CSW: Cure Serious Wounds. - DC: Difficulty Class - Dex: Dexterity - DM: Dungeon Master - dmg: Damage.

- AD&D: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons; official name for editions that preceded 3rd edition but after the original D&D.

The "A" was dropped for 3rd because it seemed superfluous and was thought to potentially confuse or intimidate new players (as in, if there's an Advanced version, where do I find the basic version? Can refer to all versions of the RPG inclusive, or to the d20 version specifically. Properly called Dungeons and Dragons, but OD&D keeps it from being confused with 3.0/3.5.

The attacker has to roll higher than the final number.

AC 0 does not modify the final To Hit number, so it is easy to use this number to figure other To Hit numbers from THAC0. - TPK: Total Party Kill - TWF: Two-Weapon Fighting - UMD: Use Magic Device - Will: Will, or Willpower, Save - Wis: Wisdom - Wiz: Wizard - Wld: Wilder - XP: Experience Points *These terms are most often associated with and used regarding MMORPGs, but have begun to cross over into tabletop terminology.

Typical non-standard types include the d16, d24, and d32.

Unusual variants such as the d5 and d7 also known to exist.

- 2.5e: Term sometimes used to indicate AD&D games that used the later rules supplements (Skills and Powers, Combat and Tactics, Spells and Magic, etc.). - 3.5: The revised version of 3e or original d20 D&D.

- 3.x: Refers to 3rd edition and 3.5/original d20 D&D collectively.

A sor/wiz spell that can turn one thing into another; considered to be very powerful and/or broken.

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