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06-Nov-2017 21:37 by 4 Comments

Intimidating office - funny intimidating

If you have two desks, you can make a very intimidating office by barracading yourself in at one end of the room.The large desk area gives the impression you actually need that large a working space to do your tasks.

Second, make the furniture placement as intimidating as possible. A naive way to arrange your office would be to stick the desk next to the wall and the table in the remaining space.

Cubicles were the evil invention of a manager in some corporation somewhere who wanted to find a way to spy on the workers while demoralizing them.

Your goal, in the defensive cubicle, is to avoid both of these and maybe even turn the tables on your managers at the same time.

But notice how easily a manager can sneak behind you to see what your doing.

Furthermore, when someone is talking to you in your office, you must turn around because the only seating space is behind you. Anyone who walks by your door can see exactly what you're doing on your computer without even entering your office.

And while I definitely don’t believe that open office plans magically create divine levels of collaboration, I don’t agree with Jason’s proposition that giving everyone in every company their own private room is a good solution.

Here are a few reasons why I don’t support Jason’s all-private-office proposal: My inbox is the bane of my existence–my work day would be so much faster and less stressful if I didn’t have to field so many emails and instant messages, Yammer notes and Campfire updates all day long.

In a cubicle or small office environment, you can overhear every conversation. If a coworker of yours (who you want to help) is trapped in a bad conversation with another coworker or manager, call his/her phone and talk to them.

Save your coworkers from bad conversations and they'll repay the favor to you some day.

‘s office isn’t that we have a mostly open office layout.

The problem with our office is that we haven’t approached our open office layout the right way.

No floor plan is complete unless your monitor faces away from the entry to your office.