Jackie long dating

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Jackie long dating

I likely have very little in common with the uber-rich, jet-setting Jackie Siegel, who has been nicknamed "the Queen of Versailles" in the past — referring to her desire to build an ever-larger and more opulent house for her family.However, despite our obvious differences, Jackie Siegel and I now share the worst and most primal bond of all: we are both mothers who have lost our 18-year-old children to drug overdose.

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And then, in case the photos themselves didn't reflect the tabloids' chosen narrative, reporters, editors and bloggers used headlines and captions to negatively portray this mother of a newly dead teenager.Maybe the suspect talks too animatedly when discussing her loss, or maybe she fails to cry, or cries too much, which can seem artificial.And perhaps most judge-y of all, law enforcement and the media often bring their own opinions to the table when deciding what sort of clothing a woman-in-mourning should be wearing.I honestly have no idea what Jackie Siegel might've done to piss off tabloid editors in NYC and L.A., but it's hard not to believe that the reporters and editors covering the Victoria Siegel funeral didn't have some kind of mean-as-hell agenda when they dispatched their reporters to the funeral scene.If she varies from their script, she also falls under their suspicion.

The most recent highest profile real-life case of this media judgment is that of Jackie Siegel, the ultra-wealthy, reality show icon who lost her 18-year-old daughter Victoria two weeks ago to acute methadone and sertraline toxicity.The funny actress, who was nominated for playing Mamacita in Ryan Murphy's FX series, was also busy tweeting during the ceremony, following up her outburst with a barrage of tongue-in-cheek tweets.'Laura Dern had famous parents. Dern is the daughter of actors Diane Ladd and Bruce Dern.She added: 'I hear that Laura Dern runs a child porn ring.'The famous stand up comedian's Twitter bio even reads ' kidding,' so it's assumed fans should not take her seriously.With other celebrity funerals, photographers are kept at a distance from the church or synagogue, and any photos that emerge from the sad event are fuzzy, and maintain some modicum of dignity for the family.But that's not a respect that Jackie Siegel and her family got.As for me, I was 7 months pregnant when my son died, so none of my clothes fit anyway, and I honestly didn't care what I looked like at the memorial service.

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