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– Jakes Resort and Riu Palace are both excellent but very different experiences for a honeymoon in Jamaica. – Bamboo Rafting can be booked through Riu Palace, Island Routes, or you can go directly to Martha Brae River Have you eaten too much on the resort?Get yourself out for an informative hike followed by an all downhill bike to the Caribbean Sea.

It was also cool to climb the steep mountain and take a look over the island once we reached the top. During our cycling trip we stopped to chat with local farmers, we cycled through fields, and we even met with a local historian to learn about the history of St. What we loved was walking through local villages and farms.

He took photographs of us, walked us through the falls, brought us into places the independent travellers couldn't go, and he set up the rope swings for us. The pathways are easy to walk and the water is refreshing.

You can be as adventurous or as relaxed as you want at YS waterfall.

This is difficult to find and you should have a guide out of respect for the villagers.

Damian knows everyone in the community and they welcome him and his tours to their land.– Many excursions can be booked through Jakes Resort - visit their website for details.

A fifteen minute chair ride takes you up to the top of the mountain where you can have a look around before you hop on the bobsled.

The ride is fast and over before you know it, but it's exciting and you feel giddy racing through the rainforest.

We stopped to learn about the flora and fauna and tried a taste of the termites in the large mound.

That wasn't exactly part of the tour, but one of our fellow hikers, Steve, told us all that they taste delicious.

Take the whole day off to sign up for the full package, and experience every adventure Rainforest Adventures has to offer.

No Caribbean Adventure could be complete without a zip line excursion.

As it is located on an old plantation, it is very picturesque.

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