Kid rock dating history

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Kid rock dating history - dating a guy who shorter than you

She explained, "He's inconsistent with his visiting privileges.I really want him to see his kids and now he really can't mess up.

And the couple looked very much in love as they travelled to a near-by flea-market.The couple - who have been dating since the beginning of the year - are said to be thrilled with the news, with Pammy already planning a home-birth.A friend of the actress says, "She and Kid seem tremendously happy about it.I just want what's right for my children." The couple agreed their sons won't be allowed on motorcycles and they agreed not to say bad things about each other around the kids.The court will evaluate the situation in eight to ten weeks.» Pamela Anderson is insisting on a fairytale wedding when she marries badboy rocker Kid Rock.

The former Baywatch beauty married ex-husband Tommy Lee wearing just a skimpy bikini on a Mexican beach - but Pam says she wants to do it properly when she weds Rock, real name Robert Ritchie, later this year. I want the gorgeous gown, flowers and reception - the works!

But a spokesman for Tommy has slammed the claims, saying, "They are old and totally without merit.

"As recently as two months ago, Pam has been quoted as raving about what a wonderful father Tommy is." And friends of Lee's accuses Anderson of launching a smear campaign against the drummer, because he asked for greater custody privileges.

She was introduced by a friend to a reporter, and urged, "Show him your badge." So the Vip stunner did just that - pulling an authentic gold police badge out and displaying it to all.

Pam, who was accompanied by her boyfriend Kid Rock, was very generous with kisses to all the firefighters who attended the evening's benefit.

" » Sex kitten Pamela Anderson snubbed supporting American armed forces in Afghanistan - to go to a party.