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And double bonus: Kasey, for the 19th time, said, "Kick rocks, dude," and of course, "I'm gonna punch him. Michael learns about the kiss and only becomes more convinced that he's in love. Everyone's talking about power couples this and power couples that, but these people clearly don't know what a power couple actually looks like.

The reality TV competition -- where former "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" contestants compete for a cash prize -- premieres August 8th on ABC.

This year, I’ve allowed myself to fall into the trap and I have to tell […] It seems that everyone who gets their moment in the limelight revels in it and then falls into the same old mold of the LA stereotype, no matter who you are or where you came from and it looks like […] What happens when you put 18 former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants together in a house for the summer?

You get complete and utter mayhem, a boat load of drama and of course, the summer’s best reality show guilty pleasure…

A week after the new season premiere, we are now bringing you the Bachelor Pad season 2 spoilers!

Bachelor insider Reality Steve has done it again revealing the final four couples in the competition as well as the last two couples standing. Kasey and Vienna – Eliminated back at the Bachelor Pad mansion.

Do not read any further if you do not want to know the ending. The final two couples remaining are Michael and Holly alongside Michelle and Graham.

The two remaining couples will head back to Los Angeles in September during which the winner(s) will be decided similar to last season! Former Bachelor Jake Pavelka was spotted on […] The summer always brings on some serious reality TV show guilty pleasures.CBS gives you Big Brother, Bravo is introducing Platinum Hit and NBC is bringing speed dating to the jungle in Love In The Wild. He doesn't want to take crazy train with him on his romantic date, but she is crazy and doesn't get it. Holly's defense is that she flirts with all the boys. The date portion of the evening involves red wine and a fire. How will I explain pumping my own gas to my daughter? No, I cannot bring a casserole to your potluck dinner, I'm an effing mother." Melissa traps Blake into a conversation about his date and his rose. I want to leave the house and I have never even been there.I would be tearful too if I was going back to nowhere Ohio to sell phones for Verizon.