Laive sexy chat in toilet

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Laive sexy chat in toilet

Then you look EUROS and see Andrew floundering, like a squirrel trapped in a cardboard box and you remember that some people are so weak that if we lived in Sparta they would’ve been the baby chucked off the edge of the cliff at birth. When there’s some savage banter, it’s seven crying faces in a row.They can’t answer a question properly because to them everything can be boiled down to the nail girl, the levitating businessman, and the burrito. Remember when that girl did a Superbad on your shoulder?

Frustrating in so far as Border Force could detain you on your flight back from Zante because of the filth on the Genny Chit Chat.

While you’re desperately hoping your hometown team won’t come undone against Chester, he’s screenshotting his acca and asking every ten minutes if people think he should cash out now. If I’m being totally honest, I fucking hate Sam and I want to kill him with a shovel.

Even after full-time it’s still not over: now all you get to hear is what he’s going to spend his winnings on. But he’s Gav and Harry’s mate from footie so instead I’m obliged to say “lol” whenever he shares a Britain First status.

It’s the subtle and constant bodying of every message, every meme, every video, every shit song he shares on the chat that makes him the squad’s punching bag.

When you’re sat there dunking rich tea biscuits into a big glass jar of Nutella or playing Football Manager on a laptop while you’re on the toilet or doing both of those things at the same time, it can be easy to forget that life is a brutal struggle of all against all.

We laughed about it yesterday, and we had another chuckle when James made a meme out of it this morning.

But does Mike really have to make it the group photo?Yes, it’s probably too early to judge Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool side. Yes, it is messed up that the price of a pint has gone up since last year. You don’t delete them because eight pints deep and you pretend like you sourced them all from Xtremetube yourself. He tends to blend in at parties and on nights out but you’ve always enjoyed his company. Now you’re resigned to smashing VKs with Dirty Mike and the Boys from school in Yates’s while we go out with the girls next door. Manny has been on holiday for two months, you all saw him for pints at the Wheatsheaf on Thursday night and had a proper catch up – you heard all the stories. On Friday morning he messages Glastonomy: chat’s a bit quiet today guys, how’s everyone doing?On the Chillin 2.0 chat he’s just as inconspicuous as he is in real life. Manny – foolish Manny – replies first and gets locked into a tedious and circular conversation about his holiday, which you already heard the night before.You’ve all ignored it and he’s feeling a bit shit because he knows the line has been crossed. I bet the other guys don’t know that me and Jonny have our own separate chat where the convo’s just as strong. “Boys look at the tits on this one.” Dean’s deeply misogynistic views generally float under the radar. But after you’ve heard him vividly, and emotively, describe the perforations of the anus of the two out of 10 he “slewed” last night. Dean’s mum hurt him when he was younger, so you have to put up with his shit for the rest of eternity. I can change Leo, we’d all change to have you back. Seb changed his name on Whats App to Sebastian, his profile picture is just a copy of Robert Musil’s groundbreaking avant garde masterpiece The Man Without Qualities and yesterday, during a discussion about double penetration, he managed to quote both Chomsky and Foucault. If the Whats App group was a stew, then Josh would be the guy grinning and holding the ladle.

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