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Cliff Gray, the Executive Director, appealing to churches and pastors for greater support in meeting their literature needs. Stories, poems, music, photography, recipes, devotions, meditations, even children's coloring books, might open a window to a significant moment. " A significant moment is a win moment, not a loss moment, a moment when reality has a greater dimension of awareness, not a reduced dimension, as if to remind us of the preciousness of our life, our being, our moment of illumination or consciousness, our moment of recognition, our moment of a personal breakthrough.In this day of so many deviseness, independence, and a growing lack of denominational loyalty, it is imperative that we support our own work, first and foremost; thus, we can strengthen its capabili- ties of greater outreach and service. Virginia Woolf called the significant moment a moment of being.

Its job printing department has offered quality printing on a competitive scale.*No PHONE-IN OR HANDWRITTEN INFORMATION WILL BE ACCEPTED!*Pl CTURES ARE NOT RETURNED UNLESS THERE IS AN APPROPRIATE SELF-ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE INCLUDED!Sunday School Central Regional Training 9 10 11 Central 12.Conference Board of Ordination Meeting 13 14 15 16 a.m.If you haven't started planning some of those very important things in life, thinking I've got time to do it later, well, says who? Let's be sure to keep God in everything we do — I do believe that God is in the small stuff all the way up to the larger details of our lives — if we will include Him. He expects us to do our part in taking care of ourselves, also. The Free Will Baptist, with its many inspi- rational and challenging articles, has certainly contended "..the faith once delivered unto the saints" (Jude 3).

Yes, the Lord does provide, but we've got to get up and do our part. Its literature program has offered Free Will Baptists materials that are grounded in the faith and practices of Original Free Will Baptists.Many small towns have also succumbed with boarded up store fronts.They were not boycotted in the sense of deliberately refusing to sup- port them (or were they? Many of these places of business could have succeeded if friends had stood by them. A letter was recently sent to all our pastors and clerks from Mr. The concept — significant moment — is an abstraction until it becomes alive in a human experience.No — everything's not necessarily going to go exactly how we plan, but that doesn't diminish the importance of planning. On three different occasions, as I have previ- ously written about, I have served as editor; therefore, my interest in its continual service to our denomina- tion is one of my major concerns.We're just now starting a fresh new year — filled with limitless possibilities just waiting to be found. So many different things could happen; why take a chance? Since its beginning almost 130 years ago, it has proven its place in the on- going and stability of our church. In the early 1960s it proved to be the mainstay against those who would have taken con- trol of its operations and moved it in an entirely differ- ent direction.17 Woman's Auxiliary Convention Executive Meeting 18 RETIREMENT HOMES SUNDAY 19 20 21 22 23 24 26 Western 27 Conference Board of Ordination Meeting a.m. Layman's League Executive Board Meeting, VFW Building, Snow Hill I J The Free Will Baptist 2 January 2004 The purpose of this paper is to promote the cause of Christ among Original Free Will Baptists, and we reserve the right to refuse any article or news that is inconsistent with our purpose, programs, or policies, and that does not reflect a spirit of harmony and cooperation with the Free Will Baptist Press Foundation and the Convention of Original Free Will Baptists.