Landon and shavonda dating

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Even though the "Challenge" franchise has employed a series of different game strategies and a plethora of cast members through the years, the mission for the hit MTV program has always been the same: By any means possible, avoid elimination rounds in order to be in a position to nab first place -- and the big check.

Season 15, Episode 17January 4, 2005Landon and MJ are heckled at Mel's favorite tavern.

Season 15, Episode 9October 26, 2004Landon has too much to drink while out on the town, which doesn't sit well with Shavonda; Mel finds a respite away from the “Real World” madness, but won't share it with the others; Mel opens up to Sarah about her childhood.

Season 15, Episode 11November 9, 2004The gang celebrates MJ's birthday; Landon and Shavonda have a fight about the phone; Landon brings a young woman back to the house; and Shaun sends Shavonda flowers.

What's stressed are dynamic personalities—and personality clashes—and its 'confessional' interviews became a template for A pioneering reality series following young strangers who live together in various locales.

What's stressed are dynamic personalities—and personality clashes—and its 'confessional' interviews became a template for countless reality imitators.

Season 15, Episode 21February 1, 2005After the roommates return to Philadelphia from their Fiji vacation, Shavonda calls Shaun and tells him about hooking up with Landon.

Later, she and Landon have a heart-to-heart about their “new” relationship.

Season 15, Episode 19January 18, 2005The roommates arrive in Fiji for their vacation.

Sarah sets her sights on several British men; Landon asks Shavonda if he can kiss her; and Mel and Sarah try to work out their differences.

Season 15, Episode 13November 23, 2004Sarah finds herself attracted to a gay man and contemplates pursuing a physical relationship with him; MJ meets an attractive blonde at a bar and brings her home.

Season 15, Episode 14November 30, 2004Landon is attracted to the accountant for the Philadelphia Soul, but their relationship is tempered by a “no fraternization” rule for interns.

Season 15, Episode 5September 28, 2004While at a bar with MJ and Landon, Karamo is approached by several police officers who received a tip that he was carrying a weapon.