Latest internet dating scams

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Latest internet dating scams - two of us dating

The seller receives an email purportedly from Pay Pal saying the money has been paid.

Once they’ve built up enough trust, the scammers begin asking for money “to pay medical expenses for a sick aunt” or some other ruse.These emails try to trick the recipient into giving their personal details.A common ploy is claiming their account has been compromised and they direct the recipient to a fake, but official-looking, website to “fix” the user’s login details.The scammer pretends to be interested in the auctioned item as a present for someone else.The scammer says he wants to buy the car but as he’s out of town on business he’s wired payment via Pay Pal.Since the letter’s recipients share the same last name as the deceased, they’re given the opportunity to claim part of the will in exchange for “legal fees”.

Another common version of this scam is where a “Nigerian prince” needs the recipient to advance him some money to help “transfer” funds.

The original payment never materialises; it turns out the email from Pay Pal is fake.

How to avoid them: This category is a catch-all that includes goods of dubious value bought online as well as malicious online adverts and computer hacking.

How to avoid them: Scammers call from “Microsoft” or another “computer service company” and tell the recipient their computer has a virus or another serious issue.

What they are attempting to do is tricking the user into giving them remote access to the computer, which the scammer then uses to access personal information such as credit card numbers and bank logins.

Most of us are wise to the opening ploy of a scam letter.

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