Lebanon dating culture

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Lebanon dating culture

The majority of Lebanese people speak Arabic and either French or English fluently.

A law determines the cases in which the French language may be used".There has deliberately not been a census in Lebanon since 1932, before its formation as an independent nation.This is due to the political consequences a major shift in the population dynamics an accurate census could have.The proportion of each is politically sensitive so estimates from different sources vary widely.What is known is that approximately 90% of the population is urban rather than rural.However, if they think that their honour has been impugned or that their personal honour has been challenged, they will raise their voice and employ sweeping hand gestures in their vociferous attempt to restore their honour.

In Lebanon, the perception that there are no cultural policies is widespread.In this new article, entitled “What Cultural Policies?”, I apply the concept of explicit and implicit cultural policy to the case of Lebanon, and extend the terms so that the former does not only include cultural policies designated as such by the state, but also those created by civil society and other non-state actors, and that the latter does not only include political strategies, but also encompasses practices that in the end determine cultural policies.The Lebanese are proud of their tradition of hospitality.This is a culture where it is considered an honour to have a guest in your home.One should therefore not seen being invited quite quickly to someone’s home for something to eat as strange.

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