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The Plush Beds website chat feature gives you instant access to answers for all your mattress-buying questions.Ask anything you like from the manufacturing process to the mattress thickness, mattress firmness, warranty and guarantee offers, shipping, and more.

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Messenger La Te X allows users to input and render La Te X formatted text and features a preview box containing the rendered text, the ability to save rendered text as a PNG file and clicking on renderings to copy the original La Te X markup.

The extension was built using Javascript and uses the Math Jax library.

We learned a lot about the web stack and, in particular, about how Chrome extensions work.

Adding live preview to the main page and allowing users to send PNG files automatically over Messenger.

While our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make your latex mattress purchasing decision by packing our resourceful website and Plush Beds blog chock-full of information, it’s not always easy to identify the best match for your long-term back and sleep needs when you’re in the market for a mattress.

Fortunately for you, the person on the other side of the Plush Beds chat window is an expert, and can help you identify the best mattress to meet your needs based on your personal sleep style and body needs. We like drive thru banking, fast food, prescription filling, online shopping, and watching movies on-demand.

We will work on resolving these issues in the future.

Actually implementing the idea, the live preview and learning about Math Jax and Chrome.

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