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It's a good idea to steer clear of the bars and clubs in the "North Zone," unless they're looking for trouble. If you plan to buy drugs in Mexico, make sure you have your American prescription with you.

The hopelessly handicapped beg on corners or move among people in the finest finery. Furniture in Tijuana is nice, inexpensive and duty free, for example.

Leather coats are popular, as is jewelry and any kind of handiwork.

A good meal can be had at fine restaurants such as the Alcazar down on the river bed, Pedrins or - the most Mexican of Mexican restaurants - La Favorit on 3rd and Revolution where mariachi bands play and the atmosphere is all "fiesta." But visitors are cautioned to use common sense when buying food, precious stones or other things.

Monte Maria is a Hispanic Christian TV based in Tijuana, a city at the US border near San Diego.

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While riding into Tijuana from the California border, I asked the taxi driver what church in Tijuana might make a nice photograph. "You want Revolution Avenue, too," the driver said.

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Mexicans, of course, don't find them so quaint - or even so Mexican - but since American tourists do, the shell game of culture is played out. "One thing American tourists need to keep in mind," cautions Wood, "is they can't go to Mexico and do a lot of things they would never do at home.

Many people think they can go to Tijuana, drive too fast, drink too much, drink and drive and act disorderly.

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