Makiyo and show luo dating

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As reported on Apple Daily, ever since her fourth stage lung cancer diagnosis in September 2011, the singer’s mother has been undergoing chemotherapy.However, she decided to stop the treatment due to allergies, and relied on traditional Chinese medicine instead, not forgetting to attend regular check-ups at the hospital at the same time.

The 63 year-old woman remained stubborn about being hospitalised, saying that she would rather be at home than lie on the hospital bed like other patients.

TAIPEI - Taiwanese pop star Show Lo is not hiding his love life any more, after he was photographed having a rendezvous with Chinese social media celebrity Zhou Yangqing in Shanghai, said Taiwanese newspapers.

Zhou, 26, is the first girlfriend Lo, 35, has acknowledged in his 20 years in the limelight, said China Times.

In fact, compared to the string of Show Luo's alleged love interests so far, I think she is the prettiest.

However as pretty as she is, I never thought her looks are Show Luo's type.

The media had reported that this girl is sighted near Show Luo's house during the Chinese New Year season, and both of them had been secretly dating for one month plus.

Both of them got to know each other after they collaborated on a Watson's ad, and romance bloomed shortly after.Verdict: Hence I feel that Selina and Show probably dated before and liked each other before, but no additional steps were taken, and thus in the end it just kind of ended 不了了之 without tying up loose ends, which would explain the strange behaviour between both of them now.As for Jolin Tsai, most people would probably talk about her once they are on the topic of Show.In 2003, he debuted as a solo artist with the release of Show Time.He has since released eleven Mandarin studio, one Japanese studio, three compilation, one remix and three concert DVD albums.She also revealed that she is allergic to Western medicine.