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The majority of the people are farmers (the town is surrounded by rubber tree plantations) or are in business.

A myth tells that Lord Ayyappa killed "Mahishi" in this place on the way to collect a tiger's milk.

A small river, Koratty (originally known as Manimala River), marks the entrance of Erumely town, which is exactly 14 km from Mundakayam, the gate of Highrange area.

World Malayalee association has chosen Erumely as one of the three places in kottayam and pathanamthitta to set up the fifth airport in kerala and proposal is pending for approval.

There are two temples in this town of Lord Ayyappa and the famous "Petta Thullal" (ritual dance) is done in November, December and January months.

Erumely Nainar Masjid is situated opposite to Erumely Cheriya Ambalam.

Mahish means buffalo and "Eruma" in Malayalam and hence the name extract "erumakolli".

Erumely is on the Kanjirappally - Pathanamthitta Route.

Erumley has its own culture and it is different from all other places with simplicity and unity of Syrian Christian, Hindu, and Muslim communities.

The agrarian regions surrounding the town have a large presence of Catholic - Syrian Christians, who are mainly into rubber cultivation.

Hindus and Muslims are found mostly in the town area.

All Hindus who are undertaking Sabarimala pilgrimage visit this place.

The "Pettathullal" or ritual dance associated with the killing of the demoness Mahishi, hosted in the Malayalam months of Vrishikam and Dhanu (December and January) is the most noted festival in Erumely. One of the important temples at Erumely is Sree Dharmashastha temple. Erumely can be approached through Mundakkayam, Kanjirappally, Manimala, Kanamala, Ponkunnam, Vechoochira , or Ranni.