Medical dating site

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Medical dating site

It takes someone w/more courage and willingness to learn for the details of disease or injury to the human body than I have, but then again, it doesn't keep me from having either character trait for caring to be who they might turn to for their replenishment of their human spirit. Only very few of the nurses that I have worked with are physically attractive.(If anyone of my coworkers, or ex-coworkers should read this, you can be assured that YOU were one of the few very attractive ones!! I can imagine that any profession where there are literally hundreds of women in one building, the word will get around...There's something about sticking a needle and syringe in someone else's a** that just doesn't compute w/me for being able to solve all their needs, even if these sometimes work small miracles. w/ more maturity couldn't work her newer magic on me, but nurses tend to cover their intellectual a**es ..that's the kind of healthcare professional that I'd prefer to have looking out for me ..personally, as 12, not dated many but know lots, sister in that line of work( over 20 years), met many of her friends......... I dont care if they are nurtuting, I am not attracted to large women. Just a guess, but probably as scientific as the OP's analysis of the nurse/POF'er ratio Britgal, Not from what I've seen.

The one time I tried and she found out I was married to one, she came out and asked my point blank..."WHAT? Those in the field are likely more secure and confident in the mental health department.

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The community college were I used to go to has a 2 year wait list for the RN program and not only that, but you also have to have a G. Working in a medical field isn't your typical Monday through Friday 9-5. It's working 12 hour shift, and being called in and on call.

It's a very demanding field, and I respect anyone that has the time and the patients to deal with it because I do not (hence why I'm going into the Non-clinical aspect). I threw it out to throw it right back at me.

Remember, we are very caring and nurturing :)I'd much prefer the right nurse at the right time than the dumba** for life M. I've found that career nurses that deal with life and death every day (E. nurses, oncology, ICU) are hardcore and jaded and emotionally distant.

I'd have a hard time dating a nurse and have been told by a couple of nurses that I'd be nuts for ever dating one again and I'm beginning to think they're right, unless it was something like a peds nurse.Doesn't matter I'm well rounded and normal and not all techy.Remember that nurses have it especially hard and the job is emotionally and physically draining and honestly?As for moonfish, i work with alot of nurses, and yes there are some of them that are not that attractive, but there are alot that are down right gorgeous, and if i were you i wouldnt be judging someone else on their looks...have you looked in the mirror lately, i can sure see the comb over effect going on there, and its not like your gods gift to women anyways.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.