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Should an organization receiving public monies be openly deceiving the public?

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Nor does SC appear to have a clue how to manage press releases or press conferences. I think attendance and TV ratings remain down despite the braggings about rebranding and storytelling, and despite how self-aggrandizing these current officials have been at the expense of their predecessors. But unquestionably Debbi Wilkes was using Federation resources - herself, the venue and the volunteers - to bullshit the fans about the private life of the Canadian gold medalists the night they won the gold medal, in the venue where they won it. Maybe they believe this was part of the care and management of athletes en route to Olympic gold, no different than sports psychology and informational seminars. Is this arrangement with Jessica- facilitated by Skate Canada - one of their conditions for staying?

Before last season Michael Slipchuk said that without Own the Podium monies, "if it's a matter of ,000" between Virtue and Moir staying or going, he didn't see why Skate Canada wouldn't find it.

Considering the shows VM do, the high-end wardrobe sported by both Tessa and Scott on and off the ice, the travel, the lifestyle and Tessa owning multiple copies of skating dresses that cost thousands of dollars each - for WHAT and why would they be in need of a "mere" ,000 as a condition of staying in training? Is this an appropriate allocation of Skate Canada resources - not just money, but attention, planning and time?

It might be a challenge this year to get Jessica to Skate Canada, but there is a TBD pairs slot, and what are the odds everything will work out as she hopes, and the less-than-inspiring Dube/Wolfe lp at Quebec will be overlooked.

This team was also able to commission a Marina Zoueva short program - a nice value add for Jessica too.

Debbi Wilkes interviewed them there for Skatebuzz and plugged their book.

Was this promotional appearance belatedly set up so it coinciding with Jessica's competition would be paid for by the publisher or Skate Canada?

It's not just improper, it's icky and unprofessional.

Maybe the rationale is that spending this kind of energy making Scott and Tessa comfortable keeps them competing and is good for Skate Canada's bottom line. One of Skate Canada's many dodgy marketing premises has been that they need stars to fill arenas and get television ratings.

But in his case, I believe there is a chance Skate Canada could release him given he is now without a partner and no real prospect in sight.

I don't think Bryce is really 6.0", at least I didn't feel he is that tall when I met him.

Maybe someone should ask why Scott and Tessa need this to be comfortable and remind both they're now adults. Skate Canada tends not to re-examine their premises, or consider whether their ideas about creating and marketing stars actually work.