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If someone catches your eye, make the first move with an Icebreaker – sending a smile is a great way to get started – before graduating onto our Guided Communication system, where you can start finding out whether you’ve got more in common than just your ethnicity, with questions designed to help you find out the things that really matter. Join e Harmony today to start meeting compatible black singles, based all over the UK, today!There are still plenty of Spaniards who would pay good money to spit on the grave of General Francisco Franco, more than 40 years after his death.

Then through the airport-style security gate, and past the militaristic icons and apocalyptic tapestries that decorate the interior – statues of angels with swords, images of the beast and the false prophet, chapels for the patron saints of the army, navy and air force.The term “slave labour” has been used too, and Catalan politician Jaume Bosch recently went on record to describe this site as “something like a Nazi concentration camp”.Which gives you some idea of the strength of feeling concentrated on this valley even now.Anyone who’s ever read will recognise this terrain from that novel, which was set amid the fighting that occurred in these hills and trees between Madrid and Segovia around May 1937.No doubt there are still bullet casings and blasting caps out there under the pine needles, left behind by the republican partisans upon whom Ernest Hemingway based his story.The surrounding forest floor is said to hold about 40,000 bodies from both sides of the conflict, while only Franco and the like-minded Falangist leader Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera had the honour of burial inside the church itself.

To reach their tombs, a visitor first has to walk under the cross, held up by granite giants representing the apostles and virtues.You can see the place from miles out on the A-6 motorway.A huge granite cross rises straight up from the rock of the Sierra de Guadarrama, with a colossal esplanade carved out to make a platform for the basilica beneath.To be fair to the dead General, he never chose this as his final resting place.And that bolsters the case of those who want him out of here.The vaulted crypt below was bored into the mountain as part of the construction – which took almost two decades across the 1940s and 50s. The Civil War was not long over and WWII was well underway when the Generalissimo commissioned what he called “a national act of atonement”. A mountain altar for arcane rituals, or human sacrifices.