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Often, I recommend the student start an English vocabulary book and I ask him/her to add the key vocabulary items to it, and write example sentences for homework. That’s my general structure for the first English class.Be sure to periodically check with your student if there are things he or she would like to change.

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At this point, I review the notes and explain the errors.(Or if you don’t have such a book, you could take a reactive approach by just addressing the student’s grammar problems as they arise).For pronunciation, I do my best to listen to the students and write down potential areas of improvement.Practical matters aside, I now let the student(s) introduce themselves.If it is a group class and the students all know each other, I get them to introduce one of their classmates to me using the third person.This can also be great for the student to prepare as homework and then give at the next class.

In the last 5 minutes of class, I review the student’s mistakes.

This is a good opportunity to see if the student can form proper questions. If the student does not ask any questions, I will give them a short outline of my teaching experience and qualifications.

I expect questions like “How long have you been teaching? Next is the most important thing: identifying the needs of the student(s). I may ask if the student has taken or plans to take any language tests.

After basic greetings, I introduce myself to the student(s).

First, I will just give my name and nationality and then ask the student if he/she has any questions.

For me, I demand payment for all classes canceled with less than 24 hours notice.

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