My mom in a sex chat

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My mom in a sex chat

My mother and I arrive on a Friday night when the show is in full swing.

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According to its data, there was a 442 percent increase in sign-ups (compared to the daily norm) after last year’s holiday, following an upward trend since 2010.

The 51-year-old daughter of conservative German immigrants, she is an unorthodox plus-one for this trip.

Prior to the convention, the two of us seldom talked sex—no Birds and the Bees talk in my teens, no ceremonious gift-giving of contraceptives before university. “This is so not my scene,” she shouts at me while a star answers (“I love to swallow! I take her hand and lead her outside, where religious protestors seem more her taste—ideologically ridiculous, but clothed and sexually repressed. My mother was born in 1964, at the height of the sexual revolution.

So what drives a woman to commit adultery after spending time with her family on Mother’s Day?

Ann, a 42-year-old finance worker from Bergen County, NJ, who asked The Post not to use her last name, tells Jane Ridley her cheating story.

Opening the Mother’s Day card last year from my husband, Derek*, my heart sank.

We’d been married for more than 15 years, and I was the mom of his two young children — but he hadn’t even thought to buy me flowers, let alone jewelry.

But an hour later, we are thrust into a roaring throng of sexually charged convention goers. My mother, upon re-entering the room, quickly realizes she cannot seek respite quite as easily as the first time.

The two of us would have to spend some hours surrounded by adult stars.

Chrystal claims DCFS cleared her of all the allegations of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. she now thinks she deserves the right to grill Ariel's attorney and psychiatrist as part of her defense.

The big thing standing in Chrystal's way, of course, is a little something called attorney-client privilege and physician-client privilege.

Just as quickly, she stuffs the sugar-sweet packet into the bottom of the bag.