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Warning: This isn't book #3 (as many sites state), this is the prequel to the series! Goodreads (and other sites) list this as Book 3, but actually it is a prequel.

I got this book from the local library and fell in love with it. I want to get the whole collection of Liz Rettig books.

MY DATING DISASTERS DIARY is sure to be a fast read for many. I'm not a Louise Rennison fan but I think that Louise Rennison fans will love Liz Rettig.

Just one part of a series, once this book ends, teen girls can go along with Kelly Ann in the next novel. I never found Louise Rennison to be that funny but Liz Rettig was definitely humorous. I dare you to read it and not laugh (in your head counts cos that's the way I laugh at books - and then that smirk creeps across my face).

She loves soccer and computer games and has no idea why anyone would want to bother with romantic stuff and stupid crushes on boys.

Her best friend is Chris and he's not into that stuff either. Follow Kelly Ann's ventures into the crazy world of love through her extremely funny diary.

Client Profile The Mc Kinsey team conducted extensive research to better understand the client's romantic history and past dating practices.

This included interviews with the client, analysis of her Gchats and text messages, reading all of her tweets, and watching every episode of every Web series she has ever made. Roberson has smooched a smattering of boys, ranging from pretty good to horrible.

I was also a tomboy for quite a bit of time, and then, like Kelly Ann got more interested in boys and becoming more girly. At times I was rolling me eyes, or shouting at both characters for being such bloody idiots. :|I also liked seeing the sister going through the boyfriends, and being officially introduced to Graham.

:)When we first see Kelly Ann she is 14 years old, a giant tomboy. Her mates try to help her out, and as the story continues we see her get more and more interested in clothes, make-up, and other girlish stuff (though she is still loving soccer and other things). And dad and mum are at it again in this book, I do wonder how ever they managed to stay married so long. :)And Kelly Ann's mates are just too much fun and sweet.

Her first tries to impress the male species is by climbing trees, soccer, and other stuff. :|Review first posted at by Lauren Ashley for Teens Read Kelly Ann is a boy's girl..the kind that dresses up and makes out with them, but rather the kind that plays football (or soccer) with them and is seen only as a friend.

Things start to change when her best friend, Liz, and new friend, Stephanie, try and make her more into a girl.

Luckily I had an unhappy childhood, an angst ridden adolescence, and my adult years have been characterised by an almost unremitting catalogue of failures.

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