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By April 2010 the site reported the Chatter feature surpassed one million posts per day.

Is fun for about the first day till you realize no one ever goes on it.The company itself, currently called Quepasa Corporation, will be renamed Meet Me, and it plans to change its stock ticker symbol (it’s traded on NYSE Amex) from QPSA to MEET sometime this summer.“Having a single brand just makes it much easier to talk about the aims of the company,” Cook says.It has an established sales office based in New York City and Los Angeles.In February 2010, my Yearbook reported the company ended 2009 with a million run Yearbook started out as a social working site for high schoolers, and even though it evolved into more of a social discovery service — one that’s increasingly mobile — the name still reflected its early roots.

Meanwhile, Quepasa, which tries to do something similar for a Latin American audience, has a name suggesting a regional social network.

So starting in July, the my Yearbook website, smartphone apps, tablet apps, and mobile website will all be rebranded as Meet Me.

Then in September, the company plans to finish internationalizing my Yearbook/Meet Me into Spanish and Portuguese, and that site will be replace the existing Quepasa product.

Games playable inside the stream included Ask Me, Rate Me and 2 Truths and a Lie.

These games incorporated mechanics to help my Yearbook members meet each other.

They persuaded their older brother Geoff, who had founded Essay and Resume from his Harvard dorm room, to invest in their project.