Navi rawat david krumholtz dating

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Navi rawat david krumholtz dating

She assured Charlie that her interest in Penfield was only of the intellectual nature.

When Charlie finally meets Amita's parents, Tapti and Sanjay Ramanujan, they are very rude to him, dismissing him, at times completely ignoring him, and talking about another man for their daughter.

This caused her to doubt her relationship with Charlie, but he took it to the next step in kissing her in his garage and she did not hesitate. Finch saw this, Charlie and Amita were temporarily shocked.

In "End of Watch", she nearly quit chairing the curriculum committee, as their colleagues remarked on their relationship.

Though she said she loves Charlie, Amita did not want him to meet her father, as Mr.

Ramanujan always had the expectation that she would only date men born in India.

With the start of season three, she decided to take the Cal Sci position and kindle a romance with Charlie.

However, Amita said that it would be arrogant for Charlie to think that she only stayed for him.

After Don and the rest of team get her home safely, Charlie proposes to her saying that he has learned this past year (5th season) that life turns on a dime and he doesn't want the things that matter (Amita) to disappear because he waited to see what could happen.

Her response is not heard as the episode ends, but it is implied in the first episode of season 6, Charlie and Amita announce to Alan and Don, Charlie's father and brother, that they have decided to get married.

She joked that it would be fine once Charlie won the Fields Medal, which she believes he has the potential to earn.

Despite this concern, Charlie has asked her to move in with him, and she is agreeable to the plan.

D., is a fictional character from the CBS crime drama Numb3rs, played by Navi Rawat. She also works as an FBI consultant with Charlie and Larry. Amita Ramanujan is a newly appointed (as of the third season) professor of Tamil origin at the California Institute of Science (Cal Sci).