Neil hannon cathy davey dating

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Neil hannon cathy davey dating

some wonderful songs, but I wasn't a fan of his albums." Some of the quirky track titles on 'Foreverland' are reminiscent of Morrissey's back in his Smiths heyday. ' refers to the look on the face of one of Hannon's dogs when he is departing. "Well, I wanted to start the album with a song about a short gent who wants to control the world around him... He recorded 'Foreverland' in London and Dublin and the band has announced a 19-date tour, including two London Palladium shows and a Dublin gig, for October 2016 and February 2017.

Davey makes an appearance on the album, too, exchanging sweet nothings with her partner on the duet 'Funny Peculiar'.Of course, Derry-born Fermanagh-raised and Kildare-based Hannon was always the main man in the band and he has produced a staggering back catalogue, including the singles Something For The Weekend, Songs of Love, Tonight We Fly, Generation Sex, Perfect Lovesong, Gin Soaked Boy and Everybody Knows (Except You).Hannon laughs at the mention of the last ever Divine Comedy gig 14 years ago."It's more fun to sit at home working on what is your hobby effectively. "I've no idea what I'll do next - I haven't even thought that far yet. All I know is that I'll sleep for a month." But he promises not to become boring.I make records in the same way as someone builds a model railway in an attic... "I'm happy and contented, and thankfully I don't have an addictive personality," he concludes, in reference to talented souls who self-destruct.He was not best pleased.” Hannon was pleased to be told that he was invited to the NI Music Prize show at the Mandela tomorrow to receive the ' Oh Yeah Legend Award’, an honour previously given to Therapy?

, Gary Moore, Stiff Little Fingers, The Undertones, Henry Mc Cullough and Terri Hooley. He was always perpetually young, because Ash started out so early.

"A lot of the artists I love have gone pathologically boring in middle age," Hannon says. "Pure, youthful ego makes good pop, and selfishness, to be honest. I try to be, but I'm not very good at it." Never better than with an orchestra behind him, Neil joined a line-up of artists at The Proms in July, paying tribute to David Bowie.

When you have a family, you feel you have to make money to give them the best start in life, which is admirable but tends to lead to lowest-common-denominator stuff. "She is a drummer - make of that what you will." Now 45, the frontman guffaws when I tell him 'Foreverland' sounds like the opposite of a mid-life crisis. That's when he released an album he wasn't happy with, as well as becoming a dad. "I was more obsessed by Prince as a teenager," he admits. I had the words Foreign Legion in my notebook for years, like National Express, before I got it right.

"I gave it its name and my blessing, and I feed the pigs and the donkeys, but at the end of the day it's Cathy's thing and she's amazing at it," explains Neil.

"I've no idea what the dogs are, two are large and two are small.

" The Divine Comedy frontman and red-headed Orla, a Drogheda-based designer, split up amicably in 2007.

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