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The solution proposed was that once the initial residents had moved in, their families would be given priority for new housing when it became available.Another radical idea of the GLC division architect Robert Rigg was taken from housing complexes in Sweden, where it was believed that lakes and canals reduced vandalism and other crime, mainly among the young.

Thamesmead was designed around futuristic ideas, and indeed, looked impressive at first from a distance. Pathways set out for people to walk on were put in without regard to how people would wish to get about, so some were ignored in favour of more direct routes over grassed areas.

In the end, the beaten schoolgirl manages to get off the ground and run away from the older teen.

Facebook page 'Leeds born n bred' posted the video, where it has been viewed more than 2.5million times.

As Ellie cowers in pain, the girl wearing a leather jacket continues to lash out, before a man in a grey hoodie pulls her away.

Despite the efforts of bystanders to hold back the attacker, the girl manages to grapple free and rush to Ellie and continues the fight.

It was provided walkways between its blocks of housing and later between sections in North Thamesmead. Much of Thamesmead was initially built by the Greater London Council (GLC) for rent to families moving from overcrowded back-to-back Victorian housing (also referred to as slums) in south eastern parts of Inner London.

The area had been inundated in the North Sea Flood of 1953, so the original design placed living accommodation at first floor level or above, used overhead walkways and left the ground level of buildings as garage space.

According to the page, the video reached 1.1m people within two hours of posting last Friday.

The page captioned the post: "I suggest you hand yourself in to the police right now and I also think it's disgusting that the police have not been to see this 15 yr old girl to take a statement."Ellie said she had since been left "really down and numb" after the attack which left her with a busted nose.

Thamesmead as it is now was built at the end of the 1960s.

Efforts were made to solve the social problems that had already started to affect earlier estates.

She said: "I feel I can't go out of the house because I might bump into her."I was really shaken up by the attack and I didn't expect it at all.