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You can hear it on songs like “I’m on One” and “Make Me Proud” and “Tap Out” and “Truffle Butter.”hasn’t had a No.

And just imagine the (likely) track that will come from this reunion.In between shows, Future will also embark on a festival run through Australia, including Listen Out Melbourne, Listen Out Sydney, and Listen Out Brisbane. Drizzy admitted that although the two label-mates were cool when it dropped, eight or nine months earlier they weren't talking.The most talked about track is of course, "No Frauds." That would be because it's Nicki's reply to Remy Ma's seven minute long diss track "sh ETHER." In "No Frauds" Minaj raps, "I got before and after pictures of your surgery.Rah took you to her doc, but you don't look like Rah.One that she said on the record she wouldn’t get involved in.

With that romance now ended, Nicki and Drake wasted little time to squash whatever had come between them.

And the reunion is potentially most impactful for Wayne, who remains embroiled in a creative-stifling legal battle with Birdman, a conflict in which Nicki has tried to stay neutral as possible and Drake has sent a few sub-shots at Cash Money.

While Wayne going through that, he needs Drake and Nicki—the two superstars he signed and mentored under his Young Money imprint—in his corner.

Obviously, the biggest obstacle to a productive, strong relationship between Nicki and Drake was her two-year relationship with Meek Mill, Drake’s onetime nemesis.

But back in 2013, before the Meek beef, Drake went public about their deteriorating friendship.

For anyone who was a Young Money fan in the early part of this decade (read: everyone listening to the radio), yesterday was surreal.