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Last year, Monika Bickert, Facebook’s head of global policy management, told that reviewing these kinds of reports typically take around 48 hours for safety issues.Since then, Facebook has tried to review (and, if needed, remove) most videos in under 24 hours, a spokesperson says.

This kind of reporting process has long been the norm for social media platforms like Facebook.However, Roberts says, if Facebook relies on regular people to see and report crude content, that means we’ve already seen it.As my colleague Davey Alba reported, many people were outraged last year when a video shot from the perspective of a Virginia gunman began to automatically play as they passed it in their News Feeds."We've been aggressively growing the global team that reviews these reports and blocks violating content as quickly as possible," a company spokesperson tells WIRED.In fact, moderators may even review a live video that suddenly becomes hugely popular, she says, even if it hasn't been flagged for the company. But, with a few clicks online, you can find a lot more than that: drugs, graphic violence, you name it.

In a way, the internet is the unbound and tangled web of our collective human psyche (at times, more id, than ego)."That’s a condition of the internet itself."So what’s a company like Facebook to do?For its part, Facebook seems to believe that depending predominantly on all of us to report unsavory activity can and will work."So we've given people a way to report violations during a live broadcast."In other words, it will be up to you to stop crude behavior from popping up on Facebook.The company also seems to be hoping that the very fact that you’re sharing live to people in your network will serve as a check to keep your streams PG-13.As a business dependent on you sharing lots of stuff, Facebook wants you to feel free to do so; but it also wants to create a space where is comfortable to do so, too.

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