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Click here for the presentation (scroll down to Making Safeguarding Personal).Norfolk Trading Standards will be running a series of pop up scam advice shops in Norfolk's libraries during November and December.

On Thursday 2 November lots of difference agencies attended the launch of the Stop Hate in Norfolk (SHi N) Protocol at the Cathedral in Norwich.With the cold months are now with us this has added importance.We could assume or argue that this is someone else’s role eg Care Quality Commission (CQC), environmental health, etc but adult safeguarding is everybody’s concern and the authorities have signalled that they would welcome a call from us if we feel concerned. Next Wednesday, 15th November, Rachel Reeves MP has sponsored a Westminster Hall debate on effect of loneliness on local communities.A safeguarding adults review (SAR) by Plymouth Safeguarding Adults Board (SAB) found that mental health services involved with Ruth Mitchell, who died aged 40 ... Following the death of a patient in a care home from pneumonia and hypothermia in November 2016, there is an on-going Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR E).Preliminary discussions at the review panel have highlighted the important and positive role for GPs, using professional curiosity to raise an adult safeguarding concern if we notice that a patient’s home or care home feels significantly cold.The Member leading the debate is Catherine Mc Kinnell MP for A new £15 million programme will train up to 1 million people in basic mental health “first aid” skills.

The programme will improve personal resilience and help people recognise and respond effectively to signs of mental illness in others. This recently published book is a valuable resource for all frontline practitioners, their managers and strategic leaders.It also introduces the emerging challenges in the workplace. The toolkit highlights the relevant legislation when promoting good care for adults at risk of harm or lacking capacity to make decisions for themselves.The toolkit can be used by any general practice in the UK.Edited by Adi Cooper OBE and Emily White, it covers core areas of practice according to the Care Act and adult safeguarding principles.The book describes what up-to-date practice should look like and how to provide the best quality care and support for adults who may be at risk of abuse or neglect.The protocol and the Stop Hate in Norfolk web pages are invaluable This modern slavery awareness booklet provides an up-to-date, easy to read resource setting out some of the key facts about modern slavery.