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BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Ocean City Beach Patrol has been told not to bother women who go topless on the beach.

While Snap Ads can run as breaks between stories, they aren't tied to any content in those instances, the spokesman added.

“She’s raising an argument that because men are allowed to go bare-chested so are women should be allowed to go bare-chested” The Associated Press identified that Eastern Shore woman as Chelsea Covington, a national advocate for the “topfreedom” movement.

At that time, Worcester County AG Beau Oglesby ran the matter up the flagpole, requesting an opinion from Maryland Attorney General Brian E. A spokesperson for Ocean City says they are still waiting for the opinion, but the mayor and city council are “strongly opposed” and are exploring what legal actions they can take to prevent topless women on the beach.

Maryland is one of several states with ambiguous topless laws.

Some cities like Austin, Texas, Boulder, Colorado, and Madison, Wisconsin have what’s known as “top freedom.” Some fear the family friendly feel of Ocean City could be in jeopardy if toplessness becomes the norm.

The ads are different than a pre-roll ad that tees up content or a mid-roll ad that interrupts content with a more clearly connected sponsorship message.

Also, Snapchat's ads occupy all the screen-space, meaning brands never technically appear alongside anything explicit.

An IHOP spokeswoman said Snapchat represents an exciting new platform for the brand to reach fans and called it a key part of the larger marketing strategy.

That said, the restaurant chain works closely with platforms and its media buying agency to discuss its expectations for how its ads will appear in social media environments. Ads from the brands were seen running after stories posted from accounts that flaunted nudity and sex, some less tasteful than others.

And ads on Facebook, Instagram, You Tube and Snapchat are typically tailored to the user, not the content.

That can lead to unfortunate ad placements -- an app-install ad right after a spammy porn post on Instagram, or a pre-roll video ad before a terrorist-related video on You Tube.

Ocean City Police said they’ll address concerns on a case by case basis.