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People who want a great night out with excellent food and a lively atmosphere should head to The Palermo Pub. To learn more about The Palermo Pub and everything they have to offer their patrons, please pay a visit in-person, give them a telephone call at 905-469-7552, or check them out online at their website .Dine at Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge Oakville and see why we are quickly becoming a top favourite dining spot in the vibrant Oakville, Ontario community.

An occasional date night at a local restaurant can be a great way for parents to rekindle their own relationship and remember what it’s like to spend time together as a couple.

With more than a decade of online dating experience, Rupcic has been on thousands of first dates and explains why she thinks online dating is just for people who are bored.

Rupcic shares her dating experiences in is Rupcic’s first book.

She never went to prom or obsessed about boys, like the other girls in her school. Looking back, Rupcic says she got married out of guilt.

As she reached her 30s, Rupcic says she realized marriage wasn’t what she really wanted and got a divorce.

Under the inspiring leadership of Head Chef, Michel Fronteddu, Trattoria Timone has established itself as one of the most inspired and exciting restaurants in the Oakville and Mississauga area.

With crafted cuisine and creative cocktails that bring life to your palate, you’ll feel and taste the difference 'authentic' makes.Try everyone’s favourite meal deal with our 7-Day promotions – the most innovative and popular in the Ontario restaurant market!And when combined with the Symposium’s customer service and quality, it’s no surprise that Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge continues to be honoured with Readers’ Choice awards including Best Breakfast, Best Brunch, Best Family Restaurant, Best Business lunch, Best Desserts, Best Atmosphere and Best Bistro.Open 7 days a week – early mornings to late nights – offering complete menu dining options including full service breakfast and brunch (served daily until 4pm), mouth-watering desserts, burgers, seafood, steaks, sandwiches, vegetarian fare, fresh fruit specialty beverages, full bar, and rotating daily special features.With 90 indoor seats and 40 seats on our beautiful outdoor patio, there’s a perfect place for you at Symposium Cafe Oakville.Rupcic was born in Toronto and moved to the town of Oakville when she was seven years old.