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“Everybody thought this was a little phase, that I was just having a crisis.” But friends and family came around to accepting the couple after they’d been dating for a year and it became clear that Sutherland had serious intentions.

But when he was set up with Siegner by a mutual friend, matchmaker Sameera Sullivan, he says his life turned around.

“She’s just a unique woman, and there’s nobody like her,” Angal says.

Siegner says they bring out the best in each other.

A show where men uttered sexily arrogant lines such as, “I said I was a virgin, not a monk.

Straight from Amy Schumer's provocative and hilariously wicked mind, Inside Amy Schumer explores sex, relationships and the general clusterf**k that is life with sketches, stand-up comedy and woman-on-the-street interviews.

“Even with the age gap, I’ve never quite met anyone like him,” she says.

steered the sexual encounter, based on her own preferences?

“With some women I dated, they wanted to play games, but Jennifer always communicated that she wanted something real,” Angal says.

“I always knew where I stood with her.” Soon after they met, he cleaned up his act and left the entertainment industry.

He now works as a personal trainer, and the couple lives in Portland, Ore.

They plan on getting married on her family’s farm in August.

Executive produced by Schumer, Dan Powell and Jessi Klein.

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