Once stars dating

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Once stars dating

"I look for fun and smarts — a witty, strong sexy woman," he tells Us.

He plays Willis’ best bud, a surf-shop guy getting fleeced in a divorce, self-medicating with more ganja than the Dude ever dreamed of.

When he’s caught by his old cop buddy, wherever is the cheeky dick going to stash his gat?

(One guess.) Cross-dressed, he gets chased by transvestites and stomped by thugs, among other adventures.

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and collectively that’s 13 years of network schedule, which is an amazing and incredible gift but it’s a grueling schedule,” Morrison said.

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Dallas married British actress Lara Pulver in 2007; they are currently separated.

Tell Us: Do Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas make a cute couple?

The big cast is mostly squandered in parts that can go by quick as a streaking neutrino: Famke Janssen as Willis’ sister; Kal Penn as — wait for it — a convenience store clerk; Adam Goldberg as a pinchpenny money man.

But if you like Thomas Middleditch’s artful awkwardness on Silicon Valley, you’ll like it here, too.

“(The producers) wanted to be careful to protect especially the musical episode, they wanted to withhold the information for a little while because they didn’t want to spoil the experience of the storytelling for the fans,” Morrison said.

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